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When is the best time to get my car serviced?

This might seem a weird question but if you think about it, the “10,000km or 6 months” standard suggestion that your mechanic advises you to adhere to is rather ambiguous. Everyone has a different routine to get to work or to drop the kids off at school. We all have sporadic trips to the doctors or to a relative 2 hours away, and some of us live 10 minutes from work and live very close by restaurants, cafes, shopping centres and regular places you can do your favourite activities making your kilometres stay low for a very long time. So this “10,000km or 6 months” is so varied for everyone.

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So when should I get my car serviced?

We want to answer that question but there are a few factors to consider.

Is your car’s performance, and feel to drive, the same as yesterday or a few weeks ago?

This is a very common easy warning sign of your car’s need to be serviced. If your car feels sluggish or the clutch is sticking, you might need to have a professional mechanic to have a look at it

Is there any unusual smells or lights on in your dash?

If you can smell burning oil and you know it’s in your car, a mechanic would definitely need to know about this. If you have a light on your dash that is very unusual, or you haven’t seen it before, time to see that mechanical mind human that can make sure it’s not just your sensors.

Do you hear any vibrations or noises that feels like they are outside your car?

This can happen in any type of car at any age but if you feel your steering wheel vibrating when you reach a higher speed, your wheels might be out of alignment, call the man with greasy hands. If you hear things like squeaking or your car is over revving, it’s time to go and get your car checked.

When you check the oil and coolant, has the colour changed from when you got your car serviced?

Checking your oil and coolant can definitely save you from spending too much money on replacing a head gasket or having a mechanic completely overhaul your engine and rebuild it for you… VERY EXPENSIVE. When you check the oil, make sure it’s still a nice glossy, light brown around the cap. If it’s a deep burnt black, book in with a mechanic right away. If it has creamy whitish brown on it, you are too late, a number of things have happened to the car but it’s time to see your car doctor for their thoughts. Depending on the colour of coolant you use, or the mechanic used, you should always have a vibrant colour (green/red). If you lift the cap and see the colour liquid at the top… good, but if you don’t see it see if you can fill it, it’s might take a little bit but it should fill up. If not call a car smith and they can look into it. (**WARNING** Make sure your car and engine has cooled down enough or you could lose all your coolant or worse still, get burnt by the steam and boiling coolant)

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When was the last time you got a service?

Now unfortunately, there is no right answer for when you need to get your car serviced, however, if it’s an older car, 6 months and 10,000km is a minimum. As car ages, parts begin to crumble/disconnect or worse, fall off, especially if you are using them at high speeds or uneven road (i.e. dirt, potholes, etc.). This kind of schedule will ensure that your car is looked at and the mechanic catches anything major or minor that will be a problem in 500km or even 5km.

If you are needing a mechanic for any reasons we have listed above or you need to get your car serviced and you don’t have time to have no car for the day, why not try a mobile mechanic like the good team over at CARWORXS Mobile Mechanic. They will make sure you are on the road and will come directly to you wherever your car is.